We were just trying to get to D.C. to march.

We were angry, frustrated, done talking about the problems and ready to work toward the solutions. Conversations started flying – over texts, over phone calls, and then eventually, person to person over wine and extra dirty gin martinis. What came about was the inescapable urge to DO something more than to just get on a bus and participate in one protest. However big and epic that one protest is going to be, we realized that it was not enough.

The conversations would lead, nearly inevitably, to our own region, our own state and our own city and just how much we are needed as loud, strong voices within our own community. In order to change the landscape out there, we have to change the landscape at home – most especially when over 1.5 million people (an overwhelming 61% of voters) in the state of Tennessee voted for promises to threaten the very core of our cultural morality and nearly a century of Civil Rights progress in our country.

We discussed, long and hard, in the biggest ways and the most manageable ways how we could best impact Tennessee. We kept our conversations to one point: how are we best qualified to serve our community. Several things began to rise out of our discussions. OUR FINAL CONCLUSION: there are so many important local organizations that could benefit from an additional organized effort to show up next to them and fight. The Tennessee chapter of Planned Parenthood, WTF, Black Lives Matter, EmergeTN, AWAKE, The Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition and our own political leaders need us now more than ever. There is simply too much to do here, right now, together. Our first step of many will be joining the march on Nashville January 21st and we hope you will join us.

And so, in an effort to bring together information and serve as a resource for research and inspiration as well as to initiate some very strong dialogue in the form of Town Hall Forums – a place we can connect with leaders and each other and move forward with strength of conviction and intention – Southern Women for Civil Rights was developed.

Within 48 hours, we had over three hundred names on a list.

Within two weeks we had nearly two hundred women in a room.

Our call to action has been issued. We are going to motivate each other. We are ready to show up, be heard, and we are ready to bring every single one of you along with us – EVERY one of you: men, women, trans, gay, straight, and children alike. We can make the changes we believe in. We can show up and demand to be heard, side by side, together.

The promise of a new day starts now. Join us.